Sustainable, accessible solar energy solutions for a brighter future.

WK Solar provides sustainable energy solutions for a cleaner, greener tomorrow. Our CdTe Solar Panels—with their specialized thin film design—produce high-energy output, even in low light conditions. Our next generation manufacturing process allows WK to produce highly efficient frameless panels that ensure cost effective production and installation- savings that we pass on to the customer.  It’s one of the many ways we are working to make solar power more accessible and affordable.

Industry News
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WK Solar News
Biden: Council will help auto workers get new jobs
23 Jun 2009
Biden toured the northwestern Ohio headquarters of the Willard & Kelsey Solar Group, which plans to begin large-scale production of solar panels this year....
Perrysburg solar company to receive $5.5M from state
15 Dec 2008
Senator Mark Wagoner (R-Toledo) announced Monday that the state approved $5.5 million for the planned expansion of Willard & Kelsey Solar Group,...
Solar Facilities Growing in Wood County
1 Nov 2008
Wood County has become home to a number of growing solar energy companies. Two of them are investing $241 million into Perrysburg - First Solar, Inc. and...